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As the realities of climate change are becoming more and more apparant, masses of people are switching their home heating to be more eco-friendly. If you’re one of the many who have ditched fossil fuels in favour of more environmentally friendly heating methods, we have a solution for you.
If your home is now fitted with eco-heating, but you still want to retain the look of your house with a chimney stack, the team at Fibreglass Mouldings Ltd offers a fantastic alternative- fibreglass chimneys.

Our team can make you a bespoke fibreglass chimney stack, which works as a false chimney or imitation chimney. Our fibreglass chimneys can be customised to look identical to a real chimney, giving your home a comfortable, traditional look without the carbon footprint.


To speak to someone about your options for fibreglass chimneys, call now

Our fibreglass chimneys are:

Bespoke and Custom Made Options
Weather-Proof and Leak-Proof
Retains the Look of Your Home
Retains Unity of Houses On Your Street

Fibreglass Chimneys FAQ

Why do people install fake fibreglass chimneys?

Fibreglass Chimneys are an excellent and cost-effective way of maintaining the traditional look of your home without having to have a fireplace.

Why do houses not get built with real fireplaces anymore?

Fossil fuels are extremely damaging to the environment, so many new houses opt for better ways of heating their homes such as electric or solar energy. Fibreglass Mouldings Ltd offers fibreglass chimney design and installation so that you can retain the traditional look of a home without having to install a fireplace.

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