Fibreglass Flat Roofing

Our team of expert Leinster roofers here at Fibreglass Mouldings Ltd are specialists when it comes to GRP fibreglass flat roofing. Fibreglass flat roofing is a popular choice of roofing material in Ireland, as it provides a strong, sturdy, and weatherproof roof to suit homes of all sizes. As well as this, fibreglass flat roofing is virtually indestructible and can be adapted to fit roofs of any shape or size due to its malleability.

Our fibreglass flat roofs are installed by expert workmen, and last over 50 years without maintenance. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, durable, and long-lasting solution to flat roofing- why not call us today about GRP fibreglass flat roofing?

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Benefits of Fibreglass Flat Roofing

  • Durable

  • Leak-Proof

  • Weather-Proof

  • Cost-Effective

  • Versatile

  • Fire-Resistant

  • Easy to Repair, Install, and Maintain

Fibreglass Flat Roofing FAQ

  • Is fibreglass flat roofing cheaper than felt roofing?

    Yes. The cost of installation of fibreglass flat roofing usually works out far cheaper than the cost of installation of felt roofing. Fibreglass flat roofing also lasts longer than traditional felt roofing material.

  • How long does fibreglass roofing last?

    Fibreglass flat roofs are extremely long lasting, damage-proof, and durable. With little to no maintenance, a fibreglass roof can last over 50 years.

  • Are fibreglass flat roofs waterproof?

    Yes. Fibreglass flat roofs are completely waterproof, leak-proof, and weather resistant.