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The team at Fibreglass Mouldings Ltd are specialists when it comes to the waterproofing and tanking of wet rooms, showers, bathrooms, balconies, toilet cubicles, and more.
Our skilled workmen are highly experienced at using fibreglass to waterproof and tank areas, ensuring that your room, cubicle or area is kept free from damp, wet, and mould.

Fibreglass is an extremely water-resistant material when coated properly, and our team can customise the covering of your area to suit your style, taste, and personal preferences. Our fibreglassing methods are adaptable, versatile and durable, meaning that you can waterproof your area with minimum disruption while still resting assured that your fibreglass covering will last the test of time.
If you’ve been contemplating a fibreglass waterproofing or tanking project, why not get in touch today?

Our Fibreglass Waterproofing and Tanking is Suitable For:

Wet Rooms
Reptile/Amphibian Tanks
Toilet Cubicles
Swimming Pools
Shower Rooms

For more information on fibreglass waterproofing and tanking, get in touch now


Fibreglass Flat Roofing FAQ

Can fibreglass be used to waterproof rooms?

Yes. Fibreglass is extremely waterproof when prepared properly and can be used to waterproof areas. The team at Fibreglass Mouldings Ltd offers waterproofing and tanking services at great prices.

What is fibreglass tanking?

Fibreglass tanking refers to the protective coating of fibreglass that you should cover a wet room, shower, or bathroom in to shop it from getting damp, wet, and mouldy. Fibreglass Mouldings Ltd offers fibreglass tanking services.

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