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For more information on quality fibreglass valleys, contact our roofing contractors today.


Fibreglass Mouldings Ltd. is one of Leinster’s most established providers of fibreglass mouldings. Our highly experienced roofers have years of experience installing quality and long-lasting fibreglass valleys on all roofs throughout Leinster and Ireland.

Fibreglass valleys have superseded lead valleys due to their resistance against expansion-induced cracking over time, a weakness observed in lead valleys. In contrast, fibreglass valleys exhibit remarkable durability as they remain intact over the years. Moreover, fibreglass can be effectively applied even on pre-existing steel valleys, as depicted in our images. Fibreglass offers enhanced longevity of up to five decades and boasts a maintenance-free advantage over both lead and steel counterparts.

Unlike steel valleys, which are prone to leakage and rusting due to sealed joints that deteriorate over time, fibreglass valleys stand out by being joint-free. This unique feature prevents leakage issues and enables them to endure expansion without succumbing to cracks.


Fibreglass Valleys FAQ

How long do Fibreglass valleys last?

Our fibreglass valleys can last for up to 50 years. What’s more, they are maintenance-free.

On what type of roofs are fibreglass valleys typically installed on?

Fibreglass valleys are typically installed on pitched roofs on commercial and domestic properties.

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